8 December 2008

This saturday

Check out Coloured Sound, a night dedicated to art and music my two favourite things in the whole wide world. The guy behind the night Henry Rumour promises, a visual overload that is bound to leave you feeling inspired, so check it out.


5 December 2008

This really made my day

hey guys this is totally geeky/groupyish of me, but whatever I don't care. Today I got a friends request from the writer of the Comic of Plain janes, the comic the night was inspired by. I love comic's she writes comics, she wrote one of my favourite comic's of all time. How cool is that!!!!!!

4 December 2008

3 December 2008

Come Celebrate with us!!!!!!!!!

Plain Janes love art but we love having a great time too, and a couple of friends of mine do a really cool night called Ain't it Black which turns ONE tomorrow @ Favela Chic in old street!!!!!
Come down if your about it's free and soo much fun.

Viva la Revolution (Paris is Burning)

It all got a bit political last week for a couple of us Plain Janes.

A few of us do a bit of work in the Tate Modern through a group they have called Raw canvas, I freaking love Raw canvas, not even going to into detail about what raw canvas do yet because that will take ages, I'll just say we end up doing random stuff to do with young people and art.

Anyway as part of this random stuff, we found ourselves taking part in two arty but kinda political events. One was the unveiling of a new Creative Manifesto for young people which I've written an article about on the Tate Website for anyone who wants to know more.

And the other was a weekend in Paris hosted by Centre Pompidou, where young people across Europe were invited to take part in a project called Scenerio 2050. We were basically discussing and exploring what we felt the world would be like by 2050.

They had groups from Finland, Turkey (the Turkish people rocked) France, Switzerland, Romania, and we repped Team GB!!!! (Apologies if I have forgotten to list any of the other countries that were there, my memory is poor and it's not an international insult.)

It was just a really interesting week to see and discover different young people's cultural persceptives, and their views and beliefs in art, and the world we live in. Can continue to be soo clich├ęd about this, but I'll try my hardest to hold it down.

I think one of the biggest things I took away from the experience was just that although it was a really positive exchange of idea's, it was clear that a lot of young people today have a very pessimistic view about the future. Predictions about Global warming, and the media attention given to violence incidents internationally and also locally, have kinda tainted a naive interpretation about what the future may be like.

None the less nothing can ever make you feel better like getting drunk with Turkish people, Turkish people are really cool.

25 November 2008

I haven't quite figured out how to get youtube clips on the blog.

So copy and paste the link below and have a little listen to I blame coco.


First Plain Janes

Ohh my gosh here it is, the first blog for the Plain Janes and this is the first blog post.

Considering that I always find it really hard to think about how to start things (saying hello for the first time tends to really freak me out and sends me rambling on uncontrollably) I reckon a good place to start would be by answering some fairly commonly asked questions.

Question 1.

"Who the hell are the Plain Janes?"

Ahhh I sometimes ask myself this question too.

Basically the Plain Janes are a bunch of people who are into the arts and hook up about once every month or two to do an arts culture night in London.

All sorts of crazy crap happens there, like DJ's play music, artists display their work, people make their own art or read at the book club and there are showcase performances by actors, poets and musicians. If its a good day there will be animation and film short screenings but film makers can be a little difficult sometimes.

The night was inspired by this really cool comic of the same name written by Cecil Castellucci which everyone should read some of us are comic geeks it couldn't be helped.

Question 2

"Are all Plain Janes called Jane? And are they all girls?"

In the comic yes at our night no. Some people go by the name of Lucy or Hannah, we have a few Roses and often their not female either, people tend to be either of the sexes but appreciate things that are creative, so its open to all anyone can come.

Question 3

"Okay so whats with the blog?"

Well we've basically set up a blog to keep people updated about what's been happening with the night and other Plain Jane activities. It's highly likely there will be posts about other art stuff too, anything that may tickle a Plain Janes fancy so keep your eyes peeled for some of that.

Plain Janes love art but do try not to get too snobby with it. Obviously sometimes that's not always possible for some reason we can find big brother and high school musicial kinda repulsive but we try to keep pretentiousness down and self expression high high up!!!!

So make sure you come back and check out whats happening in the world of Jane.

Lots of Love

Plain Janes