21 February 2010

A creative IDEA is only the begining...

This is a video piece promoting a scholarship in the US, but what I love about it is the tips they give you to keep your creative juices flowing...

Watch and enjoy!

20 February 2010



16 February 2010

How To Make It In America - The Mix-tape....

The Low down:
How To Make It In America in a new HBO TV show based on the twenty somethings of America, living in NY trying to make it successful, live that American dream. It’s created from the same producers that made Entourage and it’s looking like a good start so far. The show features Kid Cudi and unexpectedly seeming like a capable actor. The show premiered on Sunday so for all you sexy geeks you know how to find that don’t you. LOL!

The Real Deal:
The start of the show got me going with its theme tune by Aleo Blacc, and no it’s not a sample its his voice! SICK!!! But I digress; the mixtape is even more shockingly fantastic!! I swear you will be playing this for weeks. The mix of artists (check the track listing below) made me think…Hmm…Really all on here…. But when you listen to it and it’s like the greatest playlist that I made for you! LOL
It’s available for DOWNLOAD so I suggest that you go get that.

12 February 2010

Yep the new Rihanna does it again!!!!

Hot every single time!!!

A new video to practice dance moves from in front of the mirror (don't act like you don't do it too)


Check out the Stussy J Dilla Documentry

To celebrate the life of great hip hop legend J Dilla, Stussy have put together a 3 part documentry about Dilla's life in LA.
With this being the 4th year since the passing of his death, I must say it caught my eye. It was only earlier on in the week that I had been speaking to a friend about the fact this was the first year I would not be going to a a J Dilla tribute event (guilt had caught up with me that I do not annually commemorate like that for members of my family) however I found it refreshing to instead learn a bit more about him and the L.A scene documentry, lets see how the rest progresses.

lots of love the pj's

5 February 2010


"The range of colours that Boutavant uses in this book are breathtaking it was on two different tables in the tate modern shop, knew it wanted me to take it home" - Truce Susan

Published in August 2009 by Chronicle Books, For Just One Day is the latest offering from illustrator Marc Boutavant. With an absolutely beautiful yellow cover design that illustrates perfectly the content of the book (children discussing what animal they would like to be, 'for just one day').

I'm ashamed to admit

But I really like this new Cheryl Cole track, and the video, it reminds me of strictly. A post filled with taboo's but everyone's allowed their guilty pleasures.


3 February 2010

SNEAK PREVIEW of Brittanny Bosco's RAGDOLL!!!

I personally wasn't lucky enough to catch Brittany Bosco during her European Tour last year, but from those I know who did, it was definitely a sight to behold and not something I plan to miss again.

The heat she generated from her performances is definitely making 'Black' her debut album a must have for 2010 but for those who can't wait for it's release, here's your opportunity to get the first listen to 'Ragdoll' her first single from the album.

just click the link www.BOSCO.bandcamp.com

I personally love the sound, it's unmitigating and strong, and I love forces you can't ignore, and because we also love you we hooked you innit.


the Janes


2 February 2010

What Do You Do With 900 Post-It Notes And A Blank Wall?

Well, if you're keen on tapping into organisational skills and a pen is lying around, you could always write out a long To-Do List and slap it up... Or you could set the creative wheels in motion, grab the nearest stack of stickies and let your imagination run wild - which is exactly what the Janes did in our latest and greatest art attack.

Inspired by the Cubism movement of....oh, who are we kidding?...inspired by fun, friends and a fantastic form of expression through conceptual art, we got together and put our thinking caps on to create our very own pixelated art. Check out some of the images we came up with:

We all made a brand-new friend...

Bosola and Quincey found a nice spot to kick back and relax...

Michael found a new girlfriend...

And Miss Artful Dodger finally found a way to articulate her thoughts...

And of course, there were a few obligatory laughs along the way!

Next time you're at a loss for what to write on your own stack of Post-It Notes, we highly recommend turning it into a piece of art. After all, if it doesn't come out as desired, there's still a lot to be said for making colourful confetti...

Lots of Love,
The Janes xxx

Yoh Nagao Exclusive Interview!

An undiscovered gem is an understatement for the artist that is, Yoh Nagao. The illustrations created by him have been welcomed by all of you readers and I couldn’t let the love that you showed go unnoticed so to love him much more, LOL, here’s a little exclusive interview when we caught up not to long ago.

KOJO VIHRAM: Thank You very much for taking the time out to talk to me. The response posted a while back on your work has been outstanding; I think I can say that you have gained a lot more fans in the UK. Just waiting for the work to come to London and see it all physically, but before I get carried away with much excitement, could you tell the readers know a little something about yourself?

YOH NAGAO: Thank you! Yes, of course. My name is Yoh Nagao. I am currently based in Nagoya-city, in the middle of Japan. I’m Very liberal and have an easy going mind. I grew up within a western culture, so I like to skate board, I love Hip Hop and generally most good things (laughs) I worked for several companies after I graduated art school, and now I'm an artist full time and a freelance graphic designer. Having a little personal matter, I'm still living with my mother with her three cats and one dog, but love the home cooked food. I would prefer my space, it would be nice, but it does get stressful.

KV: Hopefully that wouldn’t be for too long. We all know what that’s like living at home…I could go on…but no! LOL! How long have you been an artist?

YN: It's been about 4 years now since I started with this style. The one you posted up! Originally I always loved to draw when I was much younger.

KV: So is that where all your images stem from, childhood? I remember our first conversation and you mentioned that pictures come your mind, what happens in your mind when you draw?

YN: Yes that is true. Its been a couple years creating this style and many of art work is based from my own real happenings, feelings, experience as it’s beginning to happen or has happened. In my mind, I’m pumping them up to decide a motif, atmosphere or theme. At the start or a moment, I probably would draw nothing at all or just think of something for a while. Then, after decide a layout and I start to draw. So I could say that my creation will be started from thinking deeply in my mind.

KV: Can you describe your favourite artwork that you’ve created?

YN: Yes. "Point to point" is representing my situation of between making my art pieces in my studio in Japan and showing them in overseas. Many of my work tell a bit of something I’m feeling or a specific situation. Then a series of work evolved and then made for my first solo-exhibition in Hong Kong in Feb-2009. At the same time, I have strong desire to get out of Japan as well and to show more to the world.

KV: I like it. It sounds very interesting. Your creative structure just seems to me that it can jump out of the canvas. Would you consider using any other art form in creating art pieces?

YN: Yes I have thought about it many times and maybe I would consider using Fabric, metal or wood. Because I'm thinking to create sculptures someday and also filming is very interesting but that’s another discussion to have.

KV: That’s another great passion of mine and music as well. Have you worked with any other types of artists in collaborating on art pieces?

YN: No I haven't. I wish I could.There are lots of great artists in this world, so I hope it will happen someday in near future or even sooner.

So maybe WE could do some collaboration

YN: Maybe!

KV: Ouch! Lol. Don’t worry I’m not offended, I’m only joking. Speaking of the world, it’s been through many changes significantly in the past year; do you think in general that art is reflective of the world we live in today?

YV: Just a little bit. It is getting more open but there's still a big gap between our lives in general. Because art is still very conservative, I think it doesn't have a strong influence. I bet art won't be super big either, super small existence, I think maybe it will be staying similar a position in the society.

KV: Hard to place, but as the world and society change perhaps the expression in art will grow in diversity as part of people’s influences noticeably in your work, there seems to be a strong influence. Who would you say has been your influence?

YN: My father has been a great influence. He was an amateur underwater photographer and loves the sea. He showed me lots of sea creature drawings, including nonexistent creatures when I was 4 or 5years old. I was so into it then, started drawing.

KV: Who would you like to work with in the near future?

YN: I'm looking forward to collaborate with different artistic professions people like, animators, fashion designers, and photographers. I have a small sense of ideas to reach out and create something on other formats. We will see.

KV: That would be nice hopefully the UK will get to see that soon. Do you plan to show your work in the UK sometime?

YN: I'd love to have it! But nothing planed yet. Waiting for love calls from UK.

KV: (*coughs* Ahem Plain Janes) you never know, its looking like a good year what else have you got planned this year?

YN: Well, 2010 will be a preparation year. I'm gonna have lots of art pieces and some great ideas. I'm also thinking to live outside Japan, get to maybe London, Maybe Plain Janes too. It's gonna be a very exciting year

KV: Ahhh shucks! Well that ended very quickly! Thank you so much Yoh Nagao for taking the time out exclusively to talk with me and share with the readers. It’s been wonderful, very much appreciated.

YN: No, Thank you.

People there you have it! An exclusive chat with the undeniable, extraordinaire, Yoh Nagao. I’ve said his name so many times now that the next time you hear it you’re going to think of Plain Janes…LOL! Much love you all.
Kojo aka gogogadgetmrv.

Click to find out more on Yoh Nagao’s work .