21 June 2009

Brand spanking new Kwesachu Mix...

For your listening pleasures

featuring: Dels, Ghostpoet, Elan Tamara, Romy of The XX, Man Like Me, Cibelle, Golden Silvers, Metronomy, Hot Chip.

Free download

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20 June 2009

Useful tool for Creative Plain Janes...

Here we present the Brainstormer:

A genius invention, unlike other generic forms of brainstorming this method is all carefully pre-selected words put on a wheel. Where you have an option to come up with a random selection such as:

Unconditional love, Alien, roller coaster

Or you can pick and choose what words you want to string together, which will enable you to create a very abstract/constructed visual piece or help you with a play on wording and stories...

This was formulated and designed by an artist called Andrew Bosley

check him out

19 June 2009

PJ spotlight!...

Luke is a recent member to the Plain Janes team...
Up and coming graphic designer and DJ who will be showcasing some optical stimulation and providing you with audio kinaesthetic mix & blends!

watch out for this one!

16 June 2009

disculpas por la demora ....

The degree show at the LCC features the best of upcoming talent, I was lucky enought to see works shown by Deeqa Ismail and Martell Campbell.

If you are lucky you can still catch the shows at the LCC tube stop Elephant and Castle.

Back to the future : HOVERBOARD for sale

A little birdy told me how the HOVERBOARD in the film 'Back To The Future 2' is being put up for auction, but guess how much the starting bid is at?...

People we are looking at $30,000!!!!!


15 June 2009

real recognises real...

James Roper is one of my favourite UK illustrators, his work makes me want to dream as his illustration is very illusive...

and it just so happens that Kanye West is representing too I love it!

Fashion photography with conceptual EDGE

From lighting, to composition and concept Bruno Dayan captures the moment in his dreams...

Two words : Seriously Crafted

Bronwen Marshall is an up and coming menswear designer with excellent attention to detail...

Can you spot what's concealed in her designs?

Her work speaks for itself!

6 June 2009

Open call for submissions

it's that time again, The Plain Jane Art's Culture Night, is back this month, on the 28th June @ the queen of hoxton, the theme for June is a Secret Cinema, so we will be accepting submissions from people who want to contribute art work, perform poetry or monologues, film and art connected to the theme.

lots of love the


I can't pick what my favourite video of 2009 is soo far

It's definitely somewhere between this video


Lady gaga fucking kills it man!!!!

1 June 2009

My mum said I'm too wild and what I really need in my life is...

A little bit of Islam or Christianity.

She wasn't feeling too picky about which, she may even have thought of it in some sort of a pick n mix way, just to allow for some diversity perhaps.

I laughed and then my friend truce sent me a link to this, 'igod', its a site where you can talk to god.

Conversations With The One Above

was somebody up there trying to tell me something, I thought I would give it a shot, the conversation went a little bit like this,

Me: hey god whats good?
God: You've got my full attention. I am a Christian.
Me: so not muslim?????? my mum's been asking.
God: Really you don't think so?
Me: ummmm thats not what I'm saying. I'm asking a question Are you listening?/
God:Hello there. I am a Christian.
Me: hmmmmm i think you already said that
God:Awesome. Me? Perhaps. " I am a Christian."? I said it.
Me: yeah you did god, but thats not what I asked you
God:That's interesting. Did I really?
Me: yeah god
God:Woe! GOD rules.
Me: uhhhhhh
God:What is your real name?
Me: wouldn't you know that already
God:Perhaps. " What is your real name?"? Do I know it?
Me: ohhh my gosh you so knew I was going to say that before I said it didn't you
God:When was this exactly?
Me: God I'm scared we're having a slight communication problem
God:I am a Christian.
Me: okay do you know what god, I think I'm going to have to go
God:Yeah okay, What.
Me: well this explains a lot about why I prayed to live in Miami and still live in england
God:Well that's okay. What does "this" refer to?
Me: bye god
See you later.

You completely baffled?... Well so was I

Lesson for the day do not worship false idols.