9 September 2010

Playstation Gamerunners

Earlier this month PJ's were luckily invited to be one of the first to view some new games being developed by Playstation as part of their new gaming project 'Game Runners'.

Gammer Runners is an experimental project in which PlayStation have invited young people and members of the public from diverse backgrounds to come together to create social games.

Whats really exciting about the project is that shockingly these are not console games but social outdoor games that merge a whole host of different elements such as physical movement, orienteering, problem solving, drawing on traditional game features, as well as new game concepts such as alternative reality gaming (which really got me hooked as we're currently working on an ARG project ourselves.)

The project has been developed by PlayStation and Hide & Seek with a team of 8 initial Game Runners PlayStation have picked to train as game designers and mentor. The teams developed three games: Flags, Blocks & Hoops.

After all the Games got tested the Game with the highest number of votes was then made into a real Game produced for future launch. Here's the winning game we had loads of fun playing.

Lots of Love



2 September 2010


I have to say TIPPEX got my attention for more than a 30 second AD on YouTube, with this interactive channel.

Have a go by clicking here!

1 September 2010

Remember Michael and Truce from speed drawing

See if you can spot them in here!!!!

Love the janes


PJ's Pon Di Floor at CARNIVAL!...

The PJ team reached carnival to EXPERIENCE another year of EPIC MAYHEM!

Captured by Quincey and Laura!