31 October 2009

Intrinsically ghoulish SHOTS by Joshua Hoffine...

To find out more about this multi-faceted talent check out joshuahoffine.com

24 October 2009

There is a fault in reality...

CHOP CUP from :weareom: on Vimeo.

Do you agree, or do you take things on face value?...

Do you stop to question the un-questionable or shrugg it off?...

It's good to have a refresh, because this artistic clip certainly made me think...

I got MORPHED by Damien Weighill...

I stumbled across this artistic blog called "Your Face" , the idea is simple you send in a clear snapshot of your face and then Damien Weighhill customises it in an illustrative way (my result is above)...


In his own words:

"Real people don't read your blog"

"A fact that I wasn't made aware of when I signed up for these things; It now seems so obvious.

If you are reading this and you do happen to be a real person then why not send me a photo (one which includes your real face) and I will draw a picture of you and post it here to serve as everlasting proof that sometimes facts are wrong"


Some more MORPHED characters below:

check out his works of art here

15 October 2009

B-boy Championships backstage 2nd day snippet...

Another year out of three and it was really good to see the familiar faces I grew to know whilst working on the event...

Competiton was fierce, energy was high octane and new talent emerged...

This year I have to say the female talent just got bigger and we was graced with our first ever female locker Dey Dey (France) and B-girl group AT, Candy and Taya to win in the B-boy Championships!

And atleast this year I predicted the B-boy solo world title and it came TRUE Morris repping USA smack it!...

In jesse's words: "I was watching this on tv last year, now I'm behind the dancers on stage. Its like Tekken but dancing, this is sick!"

I thought I add in the fact our PJ Reporter Laura went up for the fresh to death style comp, and didn't get through because Crazy Legs said she was wearing a mets jersey and yet he's a Yankees fan now that's a PAR, I would like to think no-one else agreed coz she was ON POINT...

Coverage by PJ Reporters Quincey, Laura and Jesse

For more info on the event click here

(To see footage and competition process throughout all countries look out for it on channel 4)

14 October 2009

Vice Magazine: Stories of The Eye Photography Exhibition

Back in August, we mentioned the photography competition that Vice Magazine was sponsoring in association with Olympus, and after six weeks of steady submissions, the winners were selected and rolled out to East London last week to exhibit their entries.

The Janes were lucky enough to also make an appearance at the event and check out the work on the display, and we were truly blown away with the level of artistry from each of the applicants. While the exemplary work of celebrity judges Miquita Oliver, Alice Della, Daisy Lowe and Lovefoxx were a sight to behold all their own, the spotlight was not to be taken from the true stars of the evening.

Max Mallender, from York, exemplified true photographic vision with his entry, shot in Thailand with a disposable camera. We were also delighted to see Douglas Bell again on the list of winners, who has collaborated with Plain Janes in the past, and whom we very much hope to see again in the near future. Congratulations to both of them, along with fellow winners Kingsley Ifill and Josh Moore, who all walked away with a brand new D-SLR Olympus E-P1.

All in all, a fantastic night, and we look forward to seeing the work that these boys will come up with next now that they have their new swish cameras to boot...

If you'd like to check out some of their other creative work in the meantime, be sure to visit www.superpanopticon.com and http://www.blackskimask.blogspot.com/

Coverage by PJ contributors Bosola, Kojo, Quincey and Miss Artful Dodger

10 October 2009

Artist JR thinks women are Hereo's

I love French Street Artist JR's work, and the way he places women at the centre of their communities through it. His work in the Brazilian Favela's was capitivating. So when I saw this video piece about his recent work in Paris it had to go up, check out Women are Heroe's 'Paris' to get a taste of what he does.

as well as a few photographs of his previous work.

love the janes xxxx

PJ Guerilla Art Attack! @ Brick Lane

Plain Janes hit Brick Lane Market last weekend and made a creative scene with a speed drawing event staged by the creative minds of our very own Michael and Truce. Participants were encouraged to pair up and create artistic images of each other based on a list of provided questions, similar to speed 'dating' but with a creative spin. Throughout the course of the day, we saw an unleashing of creativity as personalities unfolded onto paper in colourful representations.

Big ups to all of the participants who joined us and displayed their creative side, the contributing Janes who came out to show their support, and to everyone at Brick Lane Market for bringing the sunny day vibes! We all had a blast and can't wait to start planning the next art attack....

If you missed out on the event but would still like to see what speed drawing is all about, all you need is a partner, two sheets of paper, colouring pens and a creative side. Here are the questions we based our creations on....

1.) What's your favourite animal?
2.) Describe yourself in one word
3.) What is your background nationality?
4.) What did you want to be when you grew up?
5.) What are your hobbies?
6.) What is the first thing that comes to your head when I say (pick a colour)
7.) What was the last thing you cooked?
8.) Tell me about the last dream you remember having
9.) What was the highlight of your week/life?
10.) Do you have any hidden talents?

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9 October 2009

Theophilus London Tours the UK & EXCLUSIVE New Track "Enjoy The Sun"

In late April this year, many of you will remember the fantastic Wrap party we threw for the Street Novel at 333 in Old street, with live performances from Ezra Bang & the Hot Machine, Clement Marfo & The Frontline and the unforgettable Theophilus London. The Charming Man himself will be gracing us with his presence yet again on tour in the UK with a few dates. More information will follow soon.
Oct 25, 2009 19:30
Nottingham Trent Student Union, Nottingham
Oct 27, 2009 20:00
Anson Rooms, Bristol
Oct 29, 2009
Brixton Fridge, Brixton, London (touring with Jack Penate)
0ct 30, 2009
South Hampton
In the mean time check out the amazing new track Prod. By Machine Drum featuring Jesse Boykins III Enjoy The Sun

Theophilus London- Enjoy The Sun (Prod. By Machine Drum) (Full Song)

8 October 2009

Feel like getting active this weekend...Then don't miss this

Although there's a massive Ukele craze sweeping through London, anyone looking for more funky fun activities have more choice as of Saturday 10th October...
With Work It's Super Hula Girl Charlene starting Hula Hoop Classes in the Queens Head in Angel.

Classes are mixed and soooooo much fun, learn how to do things with a hoop you thought only wonder woman could do with a lasso.

For more info click here

Also this Saturday the Yo Mama Boy's who played the sickest sets at Plain Janes event at 333 in April will be celebrating their first birthday at Catch Bar this staurday, guaranteed to be a road block event and not to be missed, those boys have been killing it with their mixes all year, check them out here.


They have also done a free podcast to celebrate their birthday so download it by clicking the link below:

Birthday Bash Special!