30 May 2009

FREE MIXTAPE From ISA GT of Girl core


she's playing tonight @ that A+R event I have been telling you about.


25 May 2009

Wow those Facebook which character would you be quizes are bloody addictive

A few days ago I did Tim Burton one where I ended up being beetlejuice, freaking awesome simply because it reminded me how freaking fantastic beetlejuice was. And then for some reason today I just totally struck gold with tv managing to catch the funniest come dine with me ever, some dubious northern rapper donning a gold suit on Britains got Talent, the Hills with Audrina getting it on with Brody, and out of nowhere totally unexpected BEETLEJUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

could i have been a happier bunny

Kwesachu isn't a new pokemon character

Rather it's the brand spanking new mixtape being released by a dear friend Mr Kwesi Sey, in a musicial partnership formed in heaven with Micachu.

The mixtape is set to come out in June, and their throwing a release party on the 5th of it, which you would be a fool to miss(the music of the performers speak for themselves).

However until then why not check out Kwes's rework of a song by Elvin called Clock, up on his myspace ..... wwww.myspace.com/kwes, whilst he was recording he's shotgun mic managed to pick up children counting all the way from a neighbours garden, and he's thrown it in for good measure.

lots of love the janes

24 May 2009

On the 30th May in 2001

Was actually the day that the Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas was jailed over sleaze, quite a contrast to what the Plain Janes will be getting up to on the 30th May this year.

Instead of getting caught with our trousers down, we'll be holding our first Guerilla Art event, where PJ's will be getting together on the streets and holding interactive art participation events.

Our first one is going to be an origami attack, where the public will be invited to help build a large scale origami piece with us.

It's all kicking off at 1 o'clock next saturday outside of the tate modern on the grass, unless it rains and we'll be sneaking inside and hitting the turbine hall without permission tho because we like to live on the edge lol :)

Later on that night, we've been warmly invited to party with our friends @ A+R who are throwing a night at Cargo. They;ve got the London debut of international artist Maluca, s well as PJ dj's *Luke! and 7oel, hitting up the decks. There will also be amazing sets from Underground regenades Martello and Work it cooking up some heat, and make sure you look out for PJ art visuals on the night as well.

see you there!!!!

lots of love pj's

p/s if you want cheap tickets on the night type plainjanes as the promo code on ticket web.

23 May 2009

We're all Long due a long weekend

And after the end of this one, there won't be another till august, so we've really got to make the best of it as well the pleasant weather!!!!

If your at a loose end and don't know what to do, then check out a few of the activities happening at the Tate Modern this weekend. It's their Do it Yourself Long weekend, with enough live performances, shows, talks, films to keep you entertained and occupied until.......... well a very long time, I'm sure you get the picture :).

Check out their massive playground for adults with Plain Janers Hannah Rose Whittle and Cat Robertson pictured in the London Paper trying out the installation pieces.

for more info go to www.tate.org.uk or read more from the london paper at http://www.thelondonpaper.com/going-out/whats-new/giant-playground-for-grown-ups-hits-tate-modern?image=1

18 May 2009

I was going to do a post about missing grime

because to be honest I really do miss grime, the days when channel U used to give you joke, but once in a while an artist would drop something ridiculous, and you would think, so what if that is the most budget video I have ever seen in my entire life, that track is big.

and I was all set and ready to get into a big blogagge about that but then I was slowly distracted by a group of entirely different type of artist, one who has taken part in a few PJ activities in the past, and another who hasn't but none the less is immense and amazing.

Check out Miss Elan Mottley, who designed the first batch of PJ loafers, at the first ever Plain Jane's night back in September 2008

Check her myspace...

And Miss Charlene Soaria

Both absolutely delightful to the ears.


16 May 2009

fly girls

14 May 2009

street chic west afrique

This is what I call swagger. This is how to pass through Brixton on a sunday afternoon. No bling, no creps, just straight up on point style. Notice how my man pon the left is walking with a cane? This is the stuff a street photographer dreams of

13 May 2009

Too many cooks spoil the broth

But with all the photographers in Plain Janes @ 333, it simply made it hard to pick what pictures to put up, so forgive me for my lateness but their up now.

A quick recap of what went down last month, Theophilus London completely murked the stage with his performance, and got half the room to jump on it with him (including me to be honest).

Clement Marfo and the frontline had the crowd eating of their hands with funked out hip hop, and Ezra bang put the rock before every roll on the night.

Yo Mama's Room was ridiculously live (you gotta love those boys) plus and if you werent in the Foam, you were probably still getting wet with sweat from dancing so much in the other rooms.

It was a sick night, so keep your eyes peeled for the next one :)

**rumour has it there's something happening on the 30th May. I'll give you a clue think of the letters A+R** :P

Love and Kisses

the plain janes