20 December 2009

K-SWISS culture blog shows PJ's some LOVE...

The PLAIN JANES were selected to do a mix for the K-SWISS culture blog called KSPACE.TV...

Courtesy of Erol Sabadosh we started off with an edgy ELECTRO mix with more genre's to come...

Check it out!

14 December 2009


Come down and check out the latest PJ piece as part of a collaborative Exhibition we're doing with Beddow and Battani, who form creative partnerships between writers and illustrators. It's a house exhibition taking place in Goodge street.

Private view on the 17th December 2009 19:00 - 22:00

exhibition runs from 18th December 2009 - 20th December 2009

address is 23 Scala Street, just behind Goodge Street Station.

Lots of Love the Janes


10 December 2009

Last Night a rapper saved my life

Lil Wayne's aka Dr Carter

Love the Janes


Ain't No New Years Party Like a PJ Party ................... HELL YEAH!!!!

The only thing that could be better would be if we were teaming up with the Force of Nature that is Yo Mama for heaven sakes the boys have been throwing it down all 2009, hence why when they asked if we would collab with them for New Years Eve we said HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLL YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH.


And if you attend not only will PJ and Yo Mama DJ's bring you the biggest beats of the past decade, but we'll also be flexing your creative body muscles, and teaching you how to dance, not just any dancing but Bashment dancing!!! All this while Plain Jane back up dancers collaborate with body artist Laura Cogoni bring you a funky dance piece which uses the body as a canvas.

In the mean time give this a try and start learning a few Bashment moves of your own.
Bashment Dance School Lesson 1: Sesame Street

Lots of Love the Janes xxxx

p/s whoops I forgot to mention PJ Resident Artists Cat Robertson and Rosa De Graaf shall be holding it down int the Photo booth section, hooking up members of the public with their own New Years Weave, so if you ever wondered what you might look like with different hair, get in there!!!


Bit by Bit...

Beautifully executed....

2 December 2009

Freshly sketched...

A great angle on traditional style illustration


Martine Johanna

1 December 2009

Everybody say HEH!...

This was jacked from MARTIN COLE, it had to get shared...

expect more random finds from him in the future!...

You may have heard it through the Grape Vine

But PJ have to two big collobarations coming up this month. We've got a joint House Exhibition coming up on 18th - 20th of december with Beddow n battinis town and The Freecans collective more details to follow, and also a Banging New Years Party with the Yo Mama Crew - Get Ready for our Dance Resolution people you will enter 2010 tonned!!!!

Hold tite flyers soon come!!!

Love the Janes


Yara El Sherbini plays with Art

I could totally understand if people possibly thought all we do at the moment is blog but honest to god we do work to! Currently three of the PJ members are working on a collaborative Art piece and a series of programmes at Iniva Art Gallery as part of the INIvators. (PJ world extends to other places offline as well) We're exploring issues to do with Diversity in the Visual Arts and we'll be inviting everyone to come and check it out when it's ready in January.

As part of the piece we're collaborating with an amazingly talented Artist called Yara El-Sherbini, who's work uses site, context and audience to playfully explore art and life. She's hosted pub quizzes, done stand-up comedy (as art), and uses humour and popular culture to engage viewers through her work. Yara we applaud you!!!

Check out her ‘A rather Trivial Pursuit’ Piece

Another one of her pieces is called Universality Challenge and is happening this friday 4th December at the Battersea Arts Centre it's a live piece based on the TV programme, which challenges two teams to battle it out answering questions on art, religion and popular culture.
click here for more info http://www.bac.org.uk/whats-on/universality-challenge/
and get down there!

lots of Love the Janes

You know you love it when you hear a band and it makes you go awwwwww that feels good.

You got to listen to Zambri five pieced, brooklyn rock-pop-post-punk-can hear lots of fusion don't know what to call it band!

Quotes from their myspace states the following

DELI MAGAZINE "...someone should probably sign them."

Easier from Zambri on Vimeo.

Bang For Changes from Zambri on Vimeo.

download free track here http://www.factmagazine.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3952&Itemid=99

*Music tip stolen from Bookle!!!*

Lots of Love the Janes

PJ Spotlight: Collective Member Rosa Nico

Plain Jane Member Rosa Nico loves Photography, layering, feminine touches and things that shimmer with flourescent coloured glows. Check out a few pieces of her work here.

lots of love the Janes.

27 November 2009

A Golden Farting Bull...

The bull is said to represent Wall Street, while the man pinned to the wall represents jailed financier Bernard Madoff...

This is his response to the global financial crisis at present, part of the "What you see is not real" exhibition in the Beijing Gallery

A sculpture that definitely brings you the WOW factor!...

Piece created by Chen Wenling

Jim get's all flash on you!...

A new website of visual click-throughs and special effects, Displaying Jim Carrey's CV in the most innovative form...

Click here to explore!

26 November 2009

It's a RIVALRY ting...

Upgrade of colours, shape and texture...

An explosive collaboration with Cassette Playa & Nike

25 November 2009

Wiley killed this!!!!

it's sooo hard right now not to type something about a band Robbie Williams used to be in and will most certainly return to again, but I won't, I just won't.

LSD hell NO!...

An entertaining art piece by James Blagden
Let us know of your thoughts...

click here for more info

21 November 2009

Where The Wild Things Are - EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE!

Many of you might remember one of the greatest children’s book “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. It was published in the early 60s and from generations this book has no doubt been passed down or you might have come across it somehow.

I remember so vaguely, finding the book in my cousin’s closet, and finding the illustrations as a young boy a little frightening but young as I was, I was very inquisitive.

In a nutshell, the story is of a young boy being punished and sent to his room. The story then builds on the boy’s imagination and fantasy of big hairy monsters of which to their surprise they find that he is not scared of them and then, the journey begins. Soon enough the boys misses home and soon returns. (Talk about nutshell – LOL!) I guess if I was to really describe the story to you, might as well read the book or better yet, watch the movie. But really read the book too! LOL! (View the trailer below)

I was kindly given some exclusive footage with the author, Maurice Sendak and the director of the new adaptation, Spike Jonez. In this footage, they both discuss the book and the film in detail.

To feed my inquisitive mind even further, here is a clip of how the Big hairy creature monster was created by Sonny Gerasimowicz!

Where The Wild Things Are is due out in Cinema’s everywhere December 11th
Make sure you don’t miss this!

PJs hearts The XX double hearts Kwes and will forever want to get closer to Neyo

Check check check the rendition

love the janes


18 November 2009

Rhymes won't Wait!!!!!

London Based poet Dean Atta has been making some serious movements this past year, he is constantly on the grind, and as yet the ink from his pen has not stopped flowing, his keyboard has not fallen apart and has his tongue has not got tired. All of which makes the title of his next event even more poignant.

Rhymes won't wait, is a poetry event with a fresh concept and innovative outlook on todays international and social issues. It's the first time a dedicated spoken word event will be performed collaboratively between mentored and leading artists, all in partnership with the UK's leading charities. The event will showcase what CONFLICT means to 18-30 year-olds from across the capital.

So if youur looking for something with a little more meaning to do before you decide to go out and get wrecked this friday, then check at this event at Sound.


Original vs Remix vs Remix vs Remix

Since Uffie's debut album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans is supposed to be getting released early 2010 and I didn't up the video when it came out last month, I thought I'ld post up the original of pop the glock vs a few unknown producers for people to have a chew over.

You know what they generally say about sequels, but some of it might actually tickle your fancy!








Lots of Love The Janes


17 November 2009

Gilles Peterson Presents Havana Cultura Album Launch Party

Havana Cultura is a new project designed to bring new Cuban musicians together to create a new album of Cuban music.

Hosted by Radio 1’s Giles Peterson, the collaboration with the award-winning Cuban jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca, was to find the best of today’s music generation in Havana and create something special.

Over the past year, they have created and outstanding production of music mayhem of its finest! The 9 piece Havana Cultura band will head line the album launch party and Radio 1’s Giles Peterson will be spinning the hottest Cuban tracks from past to present.

DJ support comes from London’s Sofrito Crew Hugo Mendez, Frankie Francis and the mysterious Mighty Crime Minister.

Friday the 20th Nov 2009
29 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 2EY
Old Street
8.00PM - 2.00AM

10 November 2009

Elan Tamara Performns @ MoMo

Elan Tamara is a young music extraordinaire. The beautiful, warm hearted ever so bubbly young lady, sweeted all hearts at MoMo’s for her very 1st performance...

The packed out room cheered to songs like Outside, Frog Song, and Find A Way. The encores of this intimate gig left people wanting more. Rightly so. Due to be performing in December, a date that is yet to be confirmed and if you missed this one, you don’t want to miss the next. Check out some pictures from the night and video clips of her performance.


Elan Tamara - Frog Song

Elan Tamara - Oh Papa

3 November 2009

Kidrobot Launches in Covent Garden...

Kidrobot playfully creative with an adult edge

They produce exclusive vinyl toys, clothing and accessories but the longevity of the company exist within the collaboration of talented designers and artist willing to customise and put their take on a Kidrobot figurine...

The grand opening will be a collaboration with artistic duo TADO:

Thursday 19th of November 6-8pm

Kidrobot London
19 Earlham Street
London, UK WC2H 9LL

Check out what went down last time they made an appearance in the UK...

P.S - This is my favourite section of selfridges all round innovation

Kidrobot x Selfridges - Ye Olde English Dunny Launch Party from Kidrobot on Vimeo.

1 November 2009


Got introduced to this song on Tuesday, have played it 100 times since I think.


31 October 2009

Intrinsically ghoulish SHOTS by Joshua Hoffine...

To find out more about this multi-faceted talent check out joshuahoffine.com

24 October 2009

There is a fault in reality...

CHOP CUP from :weareom: on Vimeo.

Do you agree, or do you take things on face value?...

Do you stop to question the un-questionable or shrugg it off?...

It's good to have a refresh, because this artistic clip certainly made me think...

I got MORPHED by Damien Weighill...

I stumbled across this artistic blog called "Your Face" , the idea is simple you send in a clear snapshot of your face and then Damien Weighhill customises it in an illustrative way (my result is above)...


In his own words:

"Real people don't read your blog"

"A fact that I wasn't made aware of when I signed up for these things; It now seems so obvious.

If you are reading this and you do happen to be a real person then why not send me a photo (one which includes your real face) and I will draw a picture of you and post it here to serve as everlasting proof that sometimes facts are wrong"


Some more MORPHED characters below:

check out his works of art here

15 October 2009

B-boy Championships backstage 2nd day snippet...

Another year out of three and it was really good to see the familiar faces I grew to know whilst working on the event...

Competiton was fierce, energy was high octane and new talent emerged...

This year I have to say the female talent just got bigger and we was graced with our first ever female locker Dey Dey (France) and B-girl group AT, Candy and Taya to win in the B-boy Championships!

And atleast this year I predicted the B-boy solo world title and it came TRUE Morris repping USA smack it!...

In jesse's words: "I was watching this on tv last year, now I'm behind the dancers on stage. Its like Tekken but dancing, this is sick!"

I thought I add in the fact our PJ Reporter Laura went up for the fresh to death style comp, and didn't get through because Crazy Legs said she was wearing a mets jersey and yet he's a Yankees fan now that's a PAR, I would like to think no-one else agreed coz she was ON POINT...

Coverage by PJ Reporters Quincey, Laura and Jesse

For more info on the event click here

(To see footage and competition process throughout all countries look out for it on channel 4)