30 September 2009

Dana Lee I would love to wear...

Dana Lee menswear a collection of simple, fresh colours and cuts, nice fits and styles

Clothes I would love to wear...

Dana Lee New York

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28 September 2009

PJ Spotlight: Artist Martin Cole - the ultimate illustrator?

check out his work and the thoughts behind his creative concepts on his blog I think he's the dogs Bollocks...

When this Girl Pens Pop I just think BAAAAAAAAAAM

27 September 2009

One of my favourite Nights at the moment has to be

The Bronze Club at the Macbeth, it's run by the front man of the Golden Silvers, he's got great taste in bands and acts.

I went to his night on the 18th September there was a sick set by Ghostpoet, Josh Wheller most definitely did his thing and I was fucking blown away by the Agitators.You've got to listen out for them forces to be reckoned with.

Here's one of my favourite video's by the Golden Silvers,

Love the Janes xxx

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26 September 2009

Pick and mix yourself out of a sugababe fix

Okay this is completely last weeks news, but I was too busy to blog about it, so I'm going to blog about it now.

I really wasn't sure how i was going to cope on my tube journeys without the London paper, but when the sugababe news hit I realised, rather than reading the same story twice everyday I'ld only have to read it once.

My conclusions from last weeks sugababe antics are the following,

1) I'm not sure if the new girl Jade can actually sing. I'm suspicious they may have selected her for some other reason.
2) I really want the original line up to reform, I think with Siobhans alternativeness, Muetya keeping it hood, and Keisha always remembering that keeping it pop will always bring them money, we would have something quite special. If they do reform I think they should be named 'The realbabes' my friend Kwes was onto a winner when he thought of that name,
3) Even tho, the group has been based completely on a lie, their songs are nowhere near as bad as Cheryl Coles fight for this love, which is grating on me in a big way.

Anyway here's a sugababe classic for your attention.

lots of love the Janes

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COMBO... This animation got me excited!!!

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop) from blu on Vimeo.

Need I say any more?...

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Scary Girl: A flash game to keep your fingers busy...

I came across this flash game whilst browsing the net, for all the online gamers out there visually and strategically this game is just simply on-point!

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23 September 2009

Red Bull Fashion Factory & PPQ mini Review…

Our evening began at the HUB a contemporary chill out lounge, where you could sip cocktails made by a Red Bull Mixologist...
Watch illustrators do live art installations and read a selection of publications all dated for future release…

After that it was straight into the reception area of the PPQ runway show. Crazy, manic and pretentious, girls rushing the bar like it was the day Alcohol was invented, famous faces slipping in discreetly along with the entourage of trendsetters and paparazzi

We was seated and eagerly awaited what was about to be showcased. The show was a collection of intrinsically crafted cuts, colourful vibrant garments and a sick Adidas collaboration

We now had a 2-hour break before the PPQ after party so laura and I went home, refreshed, discussed and caught joke about what we witnessed so far…

The party was something else with a queue of refused entries even if they had a ticket or not. It was a slow start but started to pick up the pace and then everyone was on the HYPE!

Slowly but surely crept the outlandish fashionistas and international socialites, people were either skanking like there was no tomorrow or forcefully networking their way through the crowd.

SOME fashion people are shallow and all about show and tell but some are genuine and choose fashion as a route of self and artistic expression.

But overall we did have a good time and learned nothing new about this industry, it was a shame the party ended so early...

Coverage by PJ reporters Laura Lakam and Quincey Cassell Williams

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10 September 2009

PJ recommended Ear Candy: Golden Debut E.P by Elan Tamara

If there's one debut EP you've got to get this year, (and believe it or not 2009 draws to a close in only 3 months, so there isn't that much time left for those who want make their dent in it) then you have got to get the debut E.P 'Gold Fishes' from Elan Tamara. Copies have already sold out Stateside, with promising sales being seen at Rough trade stores over here.

Her affectious vocals mixed with her commanding song writing and fingers that seem to dance across piano keys in a way I can barely comprehend, leave you with an astounding sense that you truely have locked into something quite special, when you play the EP by this promising, talented and unique songtress. With a voice that has the ability to both bellow and soothe through tracks, the contrast in the strength and vulnerability that Elan is able to evoke definitely makes her an artist to listen out to in the future, so make sure your one of the first to listen to her now.

You can get goldfishes from:

Rough Trade

Sounds Of The Universe


Love the Janes


9 September 2009

Young, Fresh and New!

Duval Kojo Bankole Timothy

Intrinsic, aesthetically configured and emerging talent...

explore his world and check out his works...

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8 September 2009

*Drum Roll* And this years mercury prize goes to

As I write this post at 2:33 in the morning, I shall dare to make the prediction that come this morning, once news of this years mercury prize winner has really hit the streets many may be a little astounded to find that this years winner is in fact, not florence and the machine, no not la roux, not the Invisible or friendly fires,
but 26 year old, female South London rapper Speech Debelle, of Big Dada records.

Although this is not the first time a female MC has won the mercury, we saw lady dynamite take away the award in 2002, it's been three years since an MC has touched the award, and with the innovation pop has seen this year, it would have been quite easy for Mercury to make a popular yet still well respected decision by giving the gong away to many of the other nominee's. However they didn't and many may find Speech Debelle difficult to swallow, her mix of hip hop, jazz, soul and her poetic lyrics, may not seem so unusual to the UK's underground hip hop scenes (I see backpackers either hailing her up as a musicial revolutionary or criticising her lyrical ability) however her sound is something that generally remains within those confines.

So what do I think of this years mercury prize decision?
although I think her music is something people may have to listen to in it's entirety if it is not something they are used to, and even then some may still not like or get her sound, (she even talks about the fact she raps with a lisp in one of her songs and sonically some people may just not like that). I think Speech Debelle is most definitely an intriguing artist, who challenges musical perceptions about what is accepted. I really respect this years decision for once again drawing attention to the innovations that are taking place in music today and bring it towards the mainstream media spot light.

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4 September 2009

VisuaL inspiration VOL 1

...Edwin Ushiro...

...Aaron Hobson...

...Dan Park...

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