25 June 2010

Tomorrow the Battle begins

PJ's Launch our branding spanking new Night, Visual Soundclash at the City Arts and Music Project tomorrow from 9.00 o'clock. Word on the street is we're about to burn this mothafucka down!!! We've just got the sickest line up making it a win win for you!!! Make sure your there to catch the first of many.

For those of you who have been hiding underneath a rock and don't know what the night is about here is the break down.

PJ's invited Four DJ's and Four Visual Artists to collaborate together to produce DJ and VJ sets, broke them into teams and are forcing them battle it out on the decks if they want to play the rest of their sets. Here's where you come in....... YOU DECIDE WHO PLAYS ON. They get 15 minutes to impress you, if they don't then their coming off.

However your gonna have a hard time picking who'll be staying on as we have DJ's PC Williams, 7oel, Bambi and CWD and their getting backed up by artists from PJ's, Ifreecans, Beddow and Batanni, and independant artists Daniel James Diggle.

It's time for your weekly Audio and Visual Overload!

So See ya 2moro!

Love the Janes


24 June 2010

Taylor Mali Poem

Are you speaking with conviction?

22 June 2010

There's TECHNIQUE in the BIRO...

HAH!... Is what I say to every lecturer and tutor that has told me Biro Pens are not good mediums to draw with (b*ll*cks)...

I believe from you know what you want to capture and depict it with the right technique you will produce a crisp sketch!

This guy is a serious talent check out more of his work:

Paul Alexander Thornton

17 June 2010

Plain Janes encourage creative brainstorms...

Check out this Presentation on Visual Note Taking :

9 June 2010

Mike Snow's 'RABBIT'

One word for this video and that's FIYAH!
The video was shot in Jamaica with an abstract concept directed by Andreas Nilsson...

4 June 2010

How to Establish a Vodka Empire

I quite recently discovered three pretty wonderful things about vodka that I wanted to share.

1) painting whilst drinking vodka helped to make my painting better and was a lot more fun
2) after I spilt loads of paint whilst painting and drinking vodka, I learnt that I could also use the vodka to get the paint out of carpet. Win win!
and finally
3)Vodka changed this mans life forever after he discovered that he was heir to a vodka empire in Ukraine and lead to a documentry he's making about reviving it on Channel 4, however you can catch it first here

3 June 2010

Beautiful Bullet-Proof Mechanics...

This bullet-proof Devon Tread time-piece is the most expensive arm candy on the market but how it's designed and executed is seriously crafted!

2 June 2010

Power to the pencil!...

illustrations by Martin Nicolausson