19 August 2009

Check out this years Round House Poetry Slam Winner

Our very PJ poetess Clarissa Pabi won it the year before, so it's only right to see what this years talent had on offer, and I think she's pretty good. I definitely agree though, it's hard being a girl who's funny.

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Jay Z, Kanye West and Rihanna Video Leaked!!!!

So if you don't want to wait for the MTV exclusive you can watch it here too now.

Watch Run This Town Video Here!!!

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18 August 2009

Calling all Photographers - Vice Photo Comp

Vice magazine asked us to let our bevy of budding photographers know about their latest photography competition, their helping Olympus celebrate the release of it's latest D-SLR Olympus E-P1...

As well as celebrate 50th birthday of their classic Olympus Pen by holding a six week photography project in which people can submit photo's on four selected themes.

Daisy Lowe, Alice Della, Miquita Oliver and Lovefoxxx will be jugding photographs by entrants each week, and also submitting their own pics on four themes, for more info get out the site


so get happy snappy

lots of love

the janes


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Latest Ear Candy: Mount Kimbie

Keep your ears and eyes posted on South-London based electronic duo Mount Kimbie. Not only are these musically switched-on fellas starting to create a buzz with their debut-EP hit 'Maybes,' but they're also turning the heads of some hot bands on the scene lately. (The XX, anybody? Watch this space for upcoming news and collaborations...)

Have a listen to 'em, let your ears be impressed, and come down to Cargo on Thursday night to show some appreciation at their live set!

See you there!
Love, PJs


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11 August 2009

Plain Janes Love making a scene

Check out this interactive art piece created by Film Maker Petah Hayes in Collaboration with PLain Janes and Idea's on Legs for our Plain Janes Love Making a scene night that happened in June.

PJ audience members were invited to dance in black fairy light body suits, and dance to music, their movements were recorded by camera, and turned into this animated piece.

So check it out!!!!

love pj's

ideas with legs from Petah Hayes on Vimeo.

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9 August 2009

So what did you do this weekend???...Ummm I slept lol

Yeah rediscovering my pillow felt bloody good however my bed got me thinking maybe i would have more interesting dreams, if I had more interesting beds, so with a little research, here are the most inspiring beds I found so far.

Viva la sleep.

Ohm Transformable Bed
Ohm is a bed that can be transformed into two individual beds or used as a bench

Geometric Bed
Ness faceted geometric bed by Jakob+MacFarlane.

The Embrace Lounge
Creative lounge by Lost Angeles based designer Tanya AguiƱiga

One of my personal favourites, seems so romantic to me Tree Bed
Creative $15,000 Tree bed by Shawn Lovell.

Sleeping Tube
Futuristic two metre “sleeping tube”.

and last but not least I thought this was really cute

Private Cloud Rocking Bed
The Private Cloud is a patented rocking bed by German designer Manuel Kloker

Imagine getting it on in that

Love the Janes


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Vice Photo Exhibition 2009

I remember reading ages ago in a paper or something that although photography used to be considered a lesser form of art, it was most certainly coming into it's own as a respected form this decade and damn right it should be too.

So to celebrate the beauty that is photography, why not check out Vice Magazine's First Photography exhibition opening this thursday on the 13th August 2009 and running for two weeks, monday - friday 9am - 7pm at the Print Space in East London,

After the heat that gets created everytime they drop their annual photography edition of the mag, should be good to see what they've got lined up for their exhibition.

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3 August 2009

The XX's debut album is out... cop that sh*t!!!

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2 August 2009

Black and White by HelloVon

Digital Art never stops amazing me. Artwork by Von

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R.I.P Baatin from slum village...

This news broke my heart, he passed away on the 31st July.

Slum village have to be one of the greatest hip hop groups of all time.

Here's my favourite track by them. The lyrics in the last verse just articulated how real they were.

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