30 July 2009

Back to the Future...

Okay it's highly likely that I have catted this title from one of Quincey's previous posts about the back to the future board that was auctioning for crazy arse but understandable prices.

However this post is on an entirely different futuristic topic, the Tate opened their futurism exhibition last month and I must say it's one of my favourites, so check it out it's open till october.

The raw canvas youth programme that runs at the Tate are also putting on a summer course on futurism on the 5th and 6th August so if you want to engage with the pieces in a more dynamic way then looking like some poncey art git just standing in front of the piece because someone in the room will think you look very clever (something i do) then pop along for that.

book online for spaces here:


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