1 December 2009

Yara El Sherbini plays with Art

I could totally understand if people possibly thought all we do at the moment is blog but honest to god we do work to! Currently three of the PJ members are working on a collaborative Art piece and a series of programmes at Iniva Art Gallery as part of the INIvators. (PJ world extends to other places offline as well) We're exploring issues to do with Diversity in the Visual Arts and we'll be inviting everyone to come and check it out when it's ready in January.

As part of the piece we're collaborating with an amazingly talented Artist called Yara El-Sherbini, who's work uses site, context and audience to playfully explore art and life. She's hosted pub quizzes, done stand-up comedy (as art), and uses humour and popular culture to engage viewers through her work. Yara we applaud you!!!

Check out her ‘A rather Trivial Pursuit’ Piece

Another one of her pieces is called Universality Challenge and is happening this friday 4th December at the Battersea Arts Centre it's a live piece based on the TV programme, which challenges two teams to battle it out answering questions on art, religion and popular culture.
click here for more info http://www.bac.org.uk/whats-on/universality-challenge/
and get down there!

lots of Love the Janes

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