16 February 2010

How To Make It In America - The Mix-tape....

The Low down:
How To Make It In America in a new HBO TV show based on the twenty somethings of America, living in NY trying to make it successful, live that American dream. It’s created from the same producers that made Entourage and it’s looking like a good start so far. The show features Kid Cudi and unexpectedly seeming like a capable actor. The show premiered on Sunday so for all you sexy geeks you know how to find that don’t you. LOL!

The Real Deal:
The start of the show got me going with its theme tune by Aleo Blacc, and no it’s not a sample its his voice! SICK!!! But I digress; the mixtape is even more shockingly fantastic!! I swear you will be playing this for weeks. The mix of artists (check the track listing below) made me think…Hmm…Really all on here…. But when you listen to it and it’s like the greatest playlist that I made for you! LOL
It’s available for DOWNLOAD so I suggest that you go get that.

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