1 March 2010

Driven by Emotion... HEAVY RAIN By PS3

We love to play games, nothing more than playing an interactive game involving players and an audience to participate. The same can be said for major game consoles. Take for instance Play Station 3’s new instalment, Heavy Rain.

Breaking all rules on the traditional game play, Heavy Rain is based around its story with its emotional involvement unlike other games, where by battle and competition take place for high scores.

This short film documentary looks at the involvement on emotion. How far will you go to save someone you love? I think most of us can answer that question in a heartbeat. Directed by Neil LaBute, the documentary talks with other films greats as posses the questions and its interesting the thoughts on some.

'How Far Would You Go?' short film inspired by PlayStation 3 title HEAVY RAIN from David Farrer on Vimeo.

This will be one to watch for this month when it comes out. Contrasting your standard game How far will you go?

Heavy Rain is out on PS3 on the 26th of February to buy…

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