11 July 2010

The Creator's Project - LONDON

In partnership with VICE and INTEL, The Creator’s Project celebrates our new century’s visionary artists from all backgrounds and all forms of medium. The digital age in which we live in has generated in escalation in visual and creative expression breaking the mould to which imagination knows no restrictions from films, art, gaming, fashion, music and design.

The Creator’s Project is the first of its kind to contribute to such innovative ideas in the modern day world. Starting off in June in New York City, the project comes to London on the 17th of July. The whole day exhibit under one roof will showcase a collection of artworks and installations, screenings, a panel discussion and dozens of performances by creators from all over the world. The 15hour extravaganza starts from 10AM and ends at 3AM.

The event will feature performances, interactive exhibits, films and panel discussions from the likes of Mark Ronson, Spike Jonze, Kele Okereke, Trevor Jackson, Animal Collective, Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Martin Ware of Human League, United Visual Artists, Mira Calix, Matthew Herbert, Ladj Ly, onedotzero, Patrick Jean, and lots more, including secret special guests.

Below, features on the collaborators of the Creator's Project. It’s more than exciting to watch. Everyday from today, I will post up videos on various collaborators in the event.

Spike Jonze (Film)
Director, producer, and overall creative Midas.

If you haven’t registered for tickets (CLICK HERE) for this spectacular event make sure that you do so as this is not one to be missed!!!

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