24 August 2010


The Bang Bang returns this saturday 28th August just in time to limber and warm you up for carnival, word on the grape vine is they've got a jerk Chicken Drum outside, free whistles and free shots for early comers, a real Carnival Queen, and a masterclass on stage of Carnival/bashment dancemoves past and present, with prizes for the best/bravest movers on the night!

On the decks they've got DJ's Motive (Party'N'Bullshit), Snips (Living Proofs wheel man), Ben 'RD7' Rogers, Joby Weston, Shook 1's, and Akimi a member of the PJ Collective.

Make sure you hit it up as last time round they had a surprise Male dancer for ladies............. god knows whats going to go down this time.

Here are the details it's @ Bar 512, 512 Kingsland Rd, Dalston from 10pm to 5am, FREE before 11pm £5 on the G-list £7 on the door.

Love the Janes


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