17 March 2011

UK Rap and Rhyme is Evolving

As a hip hop lover who has spent years and years as both a willing and unwilling participate in debates about Hip Hop I recently stumbled upon some really interesting artists I felt were bringing a new ray of hope for the music scene, and evolving the quality and sound of rap in the UK.

Check the new Gob single by Dels, with some beautiful vocals delivered from Elan Tamara right at the very end of the track. The video and song I must admit has blown me away in an instant

This is Dels - Gob

Let's not forget my brother from another mother, Ghost Poet, who's been receiving critical acclaim and being working on tracks with really distinguished artists such as Kano and Mike Skinner, he's done soo much recently I can't even keep up with him at the moment.

This is Ghostpoet - Cash and carry me home

And Durrty Goodz bars, ohhhhhhhhhhhh my days!!!!!! I think his flow really speaks for itself.

Durrty Goodz - Oi wot u lookin at

Lots of Love

The Janes


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