3 April 2009

Cut & Paste - London, 4 April 2009

London. The place where everyone gets along: A king-size melting pot.

London stakes its claim as the biggest and most exciting design hub in the world. A network of villages, with 7 million people living shoulder to shoulder, and a truly international city, it plays host to talented designers from around the globe.

Supper clubs are closing down, boutique members' clubs are cropping up everywhere, and the cultural life is splintering into a million different pieces. Within all the fragments, there's much to treasure - pockets of different cultures to dip in and out of, and pretty much anything you want to inspire you and to keep the creative juices flowing. With the pound plummeting, Londoners may no longer be able to jet over to New York for some bargain shopping, but no matter - they'll just stay put, get the London look, and have a party instead.

London will host competitions in 2D, 3D, and Motion Graphics for Digital Design Tournament 2009. See the Competition Formats page for the rules and details of each of these platforms. Judges for London include Coralie Bickford-Smith (2D), James Parr (3D), and Rob Chiu(Motion). Check out the separate competition tabs above to find out who else will be hovering over our competitors' shoulders onstage.

And before the show starts, get three-dimensional with us: check out the special demonstration of Autodesk Mudbox. Get yourselves edumacated on this nifty bit of software, and wield that knowledge like a weapon when you compete in the 3D Audience Design Contest—it's your chance to win a trip to the Global Championship in June! Attendees will also be eligible to win Mudbox through Autodesk's raffle during the main event. Check in for the special demo when doors open at 7 PM.

TS4R! will be there to supporting...:

Justina Bailey

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