10 April 2009

Five Stars out of Five for J*(star)Davey

Hey guys I'm going to be mass blogging in a bit, so bare with me, if you get updates via my newsfeed. There are quite a few little things happening at the moment which I definitely need to keep you lovelies informed about, so hopefully the mass bloggong will be worth it.

First things first, just wanted to drop a mention about the J*Davey show that went down last Wednesday at deviation, have to give a warm shout out to Amelia at www.putmeonit.com who was part of organising of the night. It was absolutely fab, J*Davey were sick, and the vibes were nice, soo anyone who missed out, shouldn't have it was fanatastic

Check out the pic's I nicked from Fatsarazzi, as I don't have a camera lol Ade does the photography, I couldn't do it justice.

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  1. Awww, thank you mucho much gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed...