26 September 2009

Pick and mix yourself out of a sugababe fix

Okay this is completely last weeks news, but I was too busy to blog about it, so I'm going to blog about it now.

I really wasn't sure how i was going to cope on my tube journeys without the London paper, but when the sugababe news hit I realised, rather than reading the same story twice everyday I'ld only have to read it once.

My conclusions from last weeks sugababe antics are the following,

1) I'm not sure if the new girl Jade can actually sing. I'm suspicious they may have selected her for some other reason.
2) I really want the original line up to reform, I think with Siobhans alternativeness, Muetya keeping it hood, and Keisha always remembering that keeping it pop will always bring them money, we would have something quite special. If they do reform I think they should be named 'The realbabes' my friend Kwes was onto a winner when he thought of that name,
3) Even tho, the group has been based completely on a lie, their songs are nowhere near as bad as Cheryl Coles fight for this love, which is grating on me in a big way.

Anyway here's a sugababe classic for your attention.

lots of love the Janes

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