10 September 2009

PJ recommended Ear Candy: Golden Debut E.P by Elan Tamara

If there's one debut EP you've got to get this year, (and believe it or not 2009 draws to a close in only 3 months, so there isn't that much time left for those who want make their dent in it) then you have got to get the debut E.P 'Gold Fishes' from Elan Tamara. Copies have already sold out Stateside, with promising sales being seen at Rough trade stores over here.

Her affectious vocals mixed with her commanding song writing and fingers that seem to dance across piano keys in a way I can barely comprehend, leave you with an astounding sense that you truely have locked into something quite special, when you play the EP by this promising, talented and unique songtress. With a voice that has the ability to both bellow and soothe through tracks, the contrast in the strength and vulnerability that Elan is able to evoke definitely makes her an artist to listen out to in the future, so make sure your one of the first to listen to her now.

You can get goldfishes from:

Rough Trade

Sounds Of The Universe


Love the Janes


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