14 October 2009

Vice Magazine: Stories of The Eye Photography Exhibition

Back in August, we mentioned the photography competition that Vice Magazine was sponsoring in association with Olympus, and after six weeks of steady submissions, the winners were selected and rolled out to East London last week to exhibit their entries.

The Janes were lucky enough to also make an appearance at the event and check out the work on the display, and we were truly blown away with the level of artistry from each of the applicants. While the exemplary work of celebrity judges Miquita Oliver, Alice Della, Daisy Lowe and Lovefoxx were a sight to behold all their own, the spotlight was not to be taken from the true stars of the evening.

Max Mallender, from York, exemplified true photographic vision with his entry, shot in Thailand with a disposable camera. We were also delighted to see Douglas Bell again on the list of winners, who has collaborated with Plain Janes in the past, and whom we very much hope to see again in the near future. Congratulations to both of them, along with fellow winners Kingsley Ifill and Josh Moore, who all walked away with a brand new D-SLR Olympus E-P1.

All in all, a fantastic night, and we look forward to seeing the work that these boys will come up with next now that they have their new swish cameras to boot...

If you'd like to check out some of their other creative work in the meantime, be sure to visit www.superpanopticon.com and http://www.blackskimask.blogspot.com/

Coverage by PJ contributors Bosola, Kojo, Quincey and Miss Artful Dodger

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