20 January 2010

PJ Spotlight: India Harvey lives on an Eco Village and is a creative genius

Insomina seems to have laid it's nest to roost firmly in my bed this week and there is simply not enough space for the both of us. Leavng me haunting around the digital realm looking and listening to things, possibly the only upside to lack of sleep.

Yesterday I rediscoverd images from PJ member India's Harvey. She's a phenomal young artist who uses mixes media to produce her work and doesn't fear format. She's worked with PJ's from it's birth, and her boundless imagination, has been a source of inspiration for many of our projects. Check out her site it's really intriguing

She's also a social rebel and eco warrior, who lives on an eco village on kew bridge, they'll be holdig a seed swap for those with green fingers on the Valentines Day you should check out.

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