29 January 2010

PJ's Highlight: The Observer Ethics Awards

The notion that young people are disengaged with their social conscience really must die in 2010...

I've seen too many people eco campaigning, squatting, producing politically charged pieces of art, journalism and music to let anyone tell me that our entire generation is merely obsessed with WAGS, Skins and scoring kudos points with their facebook profile pics. Indeed sometimes we all do like to score the odd kudos point with a profile pic, but come on that doesn't mean that’s all we’ve got to think about..

So while we're on the subject of thinking, let’s move onto the subject of acting, because some people do take it that little bit further; thoughts can move to deeds, and many deeds can move to change, and celebrating those who bring that change must be commended.

On the 10th January this year the Observer newspaper launched their Ethical awards for 2010, it’s an award that’s been running for five years, and celebrates companies and individuals who make a real contribution to environmental issues and social justice. In the past politicians, campaigners and ethical businesses have been nominated for awards, however this year; there is also an emphasis on individuals who strive to make a difference.

Seeing as the PJ’s are staunch supporters of all creative forms we took a particular interest in their Ethical Fashion category which is sponsored by Marie Claire. The public have been invited to nominate both companies and individuals they believe move away from the stereotypes associated with ethical fashion and who have fresh innovative fashion ideas, blending style and conscience, awesome I personally love dressing up without feeling guilty about it.

So if you are or if you know anyone who is a:

Designer, retailer, or other fashion practitioner working ethically in fashion then nominate yourself for the award here:


you can also cast your vote for the other award categories.

Check out their video from last years awards below.

Lots of Love
The Plain Janes

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