9 October 2010

Theres form, function and victorinox...

I got invited to a Bloggers evening at the Victorinox store on Bond Street, music was provided by Casper from Bloggers Delight along with the FREENESS of cocktails and canapes.

BUT...  I totally forgot that Victorinox are the pioneers of the Swiss Army Knife and only when you arrive into the basement of the store you get to see the vast collection of knifes on display.

The best part of the night was that you got a Swiss Army Knife made from scratch in front of you and customised with your name on it:

But the whole point of the night was to show the world that Victorinox was not just about the innovative pocket knifes, they also had a new Fashion range (mostly menswear with some womenswear). 

We had a stylist who worked for Elle magazine and the Guardian talk through her best picks in the store and a brand rep showing you the various functions of the garment. From SKI gear jackets with flash lights and GPS in them to gym bags that can turn into dress/suit carriers.

Overall I can say that the products all demonstrate innovative, multifunctional craftsmanship, but from what I saw it didn't look like they were aiming at a young target market. It was more for the older  male consumer who has money to splash on a Prada trench coat and instead wants a Prada trench coat that is reversible, secretly hides his pocket knife and turns into a bag.

Take a look at the site and make your OWN verdict:

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