29 October 2010

Visual takeover by artist C.R.Thomas @ the Red Bull HQ...

Last night PJ members Bosola, Hinds, Luke, Jesse and myself went to have a butchers at COPYRIGHT's artwork  (AKA C.R.Thomas) exhibited in the Red Bull HQ

Based on ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, Copyright explores this notion, but in a metaphysical sense. He explores the ideas of karma and consequences, often ending in tragedy.
His graffiti-esque styled 2D artwork sat well within it's enviroment and it was good vibes all round (e.g. free drink= good vibes LOL).



Of course with Red Bull's involvement there was a fully stocked bar with some seriously skilled mixologist (look at the video)


We now figured out this equation Jesse + free drink + in-door swing = 1 JOKE TING! 

Everywhere in the Red Bull HQ as you can imagine was fridges RAMMED with product,  in door swing, creative suites, retro arcade machines, V.I.P styled shower rooms and more.


Jesse's face reads:
"Why has Luke got the same print as me this is a PAR".
The PJ's would like to say thank you to Gabs for inviting us down and hooking us up with goodies.

If you would like to know more about the artist, or reach his next exhibition check out his website by clicking here...

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