25 March 2009

Secret Wars

Session DJ'd
I wish a had lens long enough, to show how many heads turned up!
The super talented Mr Hicks, who used brushtrokes as his preferred medium
vs the human beatbox that is Reeps who used the traditional format of eddis pens

Time was eventually called and the judging was down to three votes, one was from a judge from the V&A, and since I didn't hear her name, I don't think it's fair to post her photo, so I'll put the photo who won the 1st round......
Round 1 went to:Mr Hicks
The 2nd Vote, was down to the people's choice, and you had to shout as loud as you can into a voice counter
which went to: Reeps

Which made it 1:1, by this point everyone was cacking themseleves including me, as I knew who I wanted to win, and I made a sportsman bet to a drunk guy beside me
So it all boiled down to this moment £1000 cash prize, holiday to Portugal and a final vote from some next guy from MTV, apologies to not knowing the names, I was taking the photos!!!
So the winner of Secret Wars London 2009 was:
Mr Hicks!!!

Who was so chuffed actually showed how much money he had in his pockets

All was not lost for Reeps tho' a bright future definitely lays ahead for this 19 year old, and he treated us with his b-boxing skills

Not bad for my 1st night documenting, can't wait for 2010, a huge night indeed!


  1. Love that tee Reeps is wearing...anyone know who makes it?

  2. yes he's wearing an allcaps t-shirt
    I fell in love with it also

  3. nah it's not Allcaps...
    It's a pocket tee - they don't seem to do any...
    It's a Second Son tee...