29 March 2009

Soo many reasons to be hyped about april

And I'm not talking about chocolate covered bunnies and easter eggs, although I will be having some of that as well.

I can only go into two today, and will soon be blogging about a few others, so for now check out the release of the following films on April the 10th.

The first is Let the right one in which I was lucky enough to catch during the BFI's future film festival. It's the Tale of a young boy in sweden who falls in love with the girl next door, only thing is she's actually a vampire.

The narrative is amazing and the film looks soo beautiful, it's critically acclaimed and there is good reason for it. I love vampire drama's and films, and I have never seen a Vampire story told in such a human way, the film made me realise, how much of a hollywood persceptive I had on the entire genre. So if you have time make sure you watch it, its defintely worth it.


The second film getting released on the 10th April is Too Fast Too Furious Four, which to be honest I only want to watch so I can look at fast cars and Vin diesels chiselled body!

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