30 March 2009

When you can't sleep you blog

I keep waking up really early in the morning and falling asleep really late at night, leaving my head in a fuzzy cloud during most of the day. I am fairly sure it is affecting my writing, and basic day to day activities.

Today I felt a bit frustrated so I tried to think really hard about the last thing that really inspired me, which I wanted to post about ages ago but to be quite frank was a little too lazy to just get on with.

Anyway about two weeks ago, I got a random invitation to an exhibition I didn't know was showing, you always find amazing things, when you were so not actually meant to be there, and someone who knows way more about stuff decides to school you and take you to something refreshing.

I got taken to see the work of Aya Haidar titled '1982' which is still showing at Bischoff/Weiss www.biscoffweiss.com. It's an installation piece comprised of large maps set in Lebanon, these maps were then marked with the check points that operated at the time, and the coordinates of these marks used to create music by corollating them to notes.

I completely fell in love with the piece because I felt there were soo many little (and big ways) in which you could really tap into the emotions that previal in tense, fearful and anxious environments, had a very universal yet personal air to it. It's one of those pieces that really takes an emotion re-arranges how you percieve it and gives it back to you to register it again.

However most importantly it kinda just got to the point, I really appreciated that as I'm a bit fed up of pieces, that are over fluffed with theories and concepts you don't quite see in the final product.

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