18 May 2009

I was going to do a post about missing grime

because to be honest I really do miss grime, the days when channel U used to give you joke, but once in a while an artist would drop something ridiculous, and you would think, so what if that is the most budget video I have ever seen in my entire life, that track is big.

and I was all set and ready to get into a big blogagge about that but then I was slowly distracted by a group of entirely different type of artist, one who has taken part in a few PJ activities in the past, and another who hasn't but none the less is immense and amazing.

Check out Miss Elan Mottley, who designed the first batch of PJ loafers, at the first ever Plain Jane's night back in September 2008

Check her myspace...

And Miss Charlene Soaria

Both absolutely delightful to the ears.


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