13 May 2009

Too many cooks spoil the broth

But with all the photographers in Plain Janes @ 333, it simply made it hard to pick what pictures to put up, so forgive me for my lateness but their up now.

A quick recap of what went down last month, Theophilus London completely murked the stage with his performance, and got half the room to jump on it with him (including me to be honest).

Clement Marfo and the frontline had the crowd eating of their hands with funked out hip hop, and Ezra bang put the rock before every roll on the night.

Yo Mama's Room was ridiculously live (you gotta love those boys) plus and if you werent in the Foam, you were probably still getting wet with sweat from dancing so much in the other rooms.

It was a sick night, so keep your eyes peeled for the next one :)

**rumour has it there's something happening on the 30th May. I'll give you a clue think of the letters A+R** :P

Love and Kisses

the plain janes

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