24 May 2009

On the 30th May in 2001

Was actually the day that the Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas was jailed over sleaze, quite a contrast to what the Plain Janes will be getting up to on the 30th May this year.

Instead of getting caught with our trousers down, we'll be holding our first Guerilla Art event, where PJ's will be getting together on the streets and holding interactive art participation events.

Our first one is going to be an origami attack, where the public will be invited to help build a large scale origami piece with us.

It's all kicking off at 1 o'clock next saturday outside of the tate modern on the grass, unless it rains and we'll be sneaking inside and hitting the turbine hall without permission tho because we like to live on the edge lol :)

Later on that night, we've been warmly invited to party with our friends @ A+R who are throwing a night at Cargo. They;ve got the London debut of international artist Maluca, s well as PJ dj's *Luke! and 7oel, hitting up the decks. There will also be amazing sets from Underground regenades Martello and Work it cooking up some heat, and make sure you look out for PJ art visuals on the night as well.

see you there!!!!

lots of love pj's

p/s if you want cheap tickets on the night type plainjanes as the promo code on ticket web.

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