31 March 2009

Harder, Faster, stronger

If you think either Daft Punk or Kanye could have re-arranged this famous hook a lot better, then definitely check out this idaft interactive sound game and have a go yourself.


30 March 2009

When you can't sleep you blog

I keep waking up really early in the morning and falling asleep really late at night, leaving my head in a fuzzy cloud during most of the day. I am fairly sure it is affecting my writing, and basic day to day activities.

Today I felt a bit frustrated so I tried to think really hard about the last thing that really inspired me, which I wanted to post about ages ago but to be quite frank was a little too lazy to just get on with.

Anyway about two weeks ago, I got a random invitation to an exhibition I didn't know was showing, you always find amazing things, when you were so not actually meant to be there, and someone who knows way more about stuff decides to school you and take you to something refreshing.

I got taken to see the work of Aya Haidar titled '1982' which is still showing at Bischoff/Weiss www.biscoffweiss.com. It's an installation piece comprised of large maps set in Lebanon, these maps were then marked with the check points that operated at the time, and the coordinates of these marks used to create music by corollating them to notes.

I completely fell in love with the piece because I felt there were soo many little (and big ways) in which you could really tap into the emotions that previal in tense, fearful and anxious environments, had a very universal yet personal air to it. It's one of those pieces that really takes an emotion re-arranges how you percieve it and gives it back to you to register it again.

However most importantly it kinda just got to the point, I really appreciated that as I'm a bit fed up of pieces, that are over fluffed with theories and concepts you don't quite see in the final product.

29 March 2009

The Street Novel

Hey guys, just letting you know about a little project I am currently doing at Iniva Gallery.

As part of the programming with the INIvators for the current Liminal exhibition I am working with a friend to build an alternative reality street game, which is a new genre of gaming that fuses interactive activities in public spaces, social networks, and of course gaming.

The current exhibition has a strong interactive and game like feel, which we are exploring with our piece, as well as themes to do with Journeys, Hero's and things which are neither here nor there.

The games will be running for a period of three weeks, and launch on the 11th April, so for those of you looking for something different to do, with your saturdays, I would strongly advise checking out the game and registering to play.


I know my destination

Soo many reasons to be hyped about april

And I'm not talking about chocolate covered bunnies and easter eggs, although I will be having some of that as well.

I can only go into two today, and will soon be blogging about a few others, so for now check out the release of the following films on April the 10th.

The first is Let the right one in which I was lucky enough to catch during the BFI's future film festival. It's the Tale of a young boy in sweden who falls in love with the girl next door, only thing is she's actually a vampire.

The narrative is amazing and the film looks soo beautiful, it's critically acclaimed and there is good reason for it. I love vampire drama's and films, and I have never seen a Vampire story told in such a human way, the film made me realise, how much of a hollywood persceptive I had on the entire genre. So if you have time make sure you watch it, its defintely worth it.


The second film getting released on the 10th April is Too Fast Too Furious Four, which to be honest I only want to watch so I can look at fast cars and Vin diesels chiselled body!

26 March 2009

Jumping on the funky Bandwagon

But lets all be honest it's soooo much fun to dance too.

And as this video not only has my friend in it but also gives people carte blanche to take to the streets dressed as African Warriors bussing tribal moves ( I am currently reading things Fall Apart) then I'm all for it!!!!

Check out the Tribal Skank

25 March 2009

This woman is constantly on her grind

Every sunday, come rain or shine this lady sells tees, tea towels, everything she has more hustle than most people I know, I'm so impressed by her I think I'm gonna start a project on her.

Secret Wars

Session DJ'd
I wish a had lens long enough, to show how many heads turned up!
The super talented Mr Hicks, who used brushtrokes as his preferred medium
vs the human beatbox that is Reeps who used the traditional format of eddis pens

Time was eventually called and the judging was down to three votes, one was from a judge from the V&A, and since I didn't hear her name, I don't think it's fair to post her photo, so I'll put the photo who won the 1st round......
Round 1 went to:Mr Hicks
The 2nd Vote, was down to the people's choice, and you had to shout as loud as you can into a voice counter
which went to: Reeps

Which made it 1:1, by this point everyone was cacking themseleves including me, as I knew who I wanted to win, and I made a sportsman bet to a drunk guy beside me
So it all boiled down to this moment £1000 cash prize, holiday to Portugal and a final vote from some next guy from MTV, apologies to not knowing the names, I was taking the photos!!!
So the winner of Secret Wars London 2009 was:
Mr Hicks!!!

Who was so chuffed actually showed how much money he had in his pockets

All was not lost for Reeps tho' a bright future definitely lays ahead for this 19 year old, and he treated us with his b-boxing skills

Not bad for my 1st night documenting, can't wait for 2010, a huge night indeed!

17 March 2009

Anyone fancy a Private View?

One of the fellow Plain Janes, is exhibiting work @ the Mumfor Fine Art Gallery this thursday.

An exclusive exhibition private view....
VulVa is an exhibition that celebrates woman as artists, questioning the female identity and their role within contemporary society. VulVa brings together four student artists from University of the Arts London, who have been invited by Mumford Fine Arts to present and discuss their artistic practice in an exhibition environment


Rosemary Cronin
Ghada Da
Khoo Kheng Lin
Catriona Robertson

15 March 2009

Saw this in Warrior Mag today and Loved it!!!!!


Big thank you to rose, for putting up the pic's from this months plain janes. Have a look at the link she posted below to see pictures of what went down @ Plain Janes Love Daylight saving,

And to check out the public's articipation with the Digital Dark Room (where the audience were invited to draw images in pictures using lights) I personally think the pics look absolutely gorgeous

14 March 2009

Digital Darkroom

Hey people! 
Sorry for leaving you all in suspense with your amazing light creations for such a long time.... but i truly think it has been worth the wait. The photos look amazing. It was a great night, and loads of fun in the digital darkroom :)

I'v attatched the link to view and collect you creations,

Hope to see you all soon for more artistic Plain Janes madness,



4 March 2009

BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYoNE WhO came out on sunday!!!!!

We'll have video clips, and pic's up soon in the meantime have a little Marina and the Diamonds